Worldwide Kennels and Breeders Guarantee

We are more than just a service, and our relationship with you continues well beyond the day your puppy comes home. We are puppy lovers ourselves and wish nothing would ever go wrong with any puppy, but a puppy's health is dependent on a number of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment, and overall care that are not always within our control. While we can't guarantee that your puppy will never have a health problem, we can promise we will do our best to ensure your new family member is healthy from the moment he or she arrives home!

It all starts with choosing our Worldwide Government registered Kennels and Qualify breeders. We carefully screen our breeders / kennels and only work with those who meet the Canadian standards. Once a breeder / kennels has been accepted into our policy, we continue to ensure that they are raising healthy puppies by requiring comprehensive health evaluations for every puppy. Each breeder / kennel is required to keep their puppies up-to-date on all vaccinations and de-worming and every puppy must pass a thorough health check before being allowed to travel. Finally, as an additional check and to activate your puppy's Health Guarantee, we ask that you take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving your puppy, so we can be sure that your puppy is happy and healthy from the moment he or she arrives at your home or when you pick it up.